About me

With the background in humanities, I took acting classes from my first years of high-school. After graduating foreign languages at the university, it became clear to me that doing what best represents me is the way to success. I studied acting for three years and later I obtained my Master’s Degree in Drama Studies and Cultural Management and Marketing.

In 2010 I joined the Passe-Partout Dan Puric theatre company, where I learned new ways of expression such as classic and behavioural pantomime, dance, body expression. I attended numerous workshops and master classes in acting, improvisation, voice technique, pantomime and dance.

During all this time I also worked in the private sector mainly in training and customer service. Later I was recruited by the British Embassy Bucharest, where I had a consular role, giving specific assistance to British citizens in Romania.

Throughout my experience in different organisations I understood how important personal development is in order to create a high performance work environment. This experience also taught me that I find my fulfillment in helping people find solutions in more difficult situations or reach their personal or professional goals.

It is my belief that each person has their own strengths which they need to grow in order to be successful. I also believe that acting is a powerful knowledge tool which can transform the inner self of a person.

I am now suggesting the personal development through acting to everyone interested in achieving a better life through better knowledge of themselves.

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